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A Dairy of Donkey Milk is to be started: Price Rs 7000 per 1 liter Know More


A Dairy of Donkey Milk is to be started: Price Rs 7000 per 1 liter Know More

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has found in its research that the milk of many animals is underestimated, including the milk of ASS and Mare.

Till Now, You must have seen only Dairy of Cow or Buffalo Milk, But soon dairy of Donkey / Ass milk will also be opened.


New Delhi: Many milch animals are reared in India. This includes cow, buffalo or goat. By the way, you must have heard of Cow, Buffalo, Goat or more Camel milk. But for the first time something is going to happen in the country, which will surprise you. Yes, till now you have seen only dairy of Cow or Buffalo, but very soon dairy of Donkey milk is also going to open.

The National Horse Research Center (NRCE) in the country is going to start a dairy of dairy milk in Hisar. The dairy dairy milk paddy of the Halari breed is going to start in NRCE Hisar. For which NRCE had already ordered 10 halari breed donkeys. They are currently being breed.

Until now you considered the donkey to be a joke, so now you need to change your mind. Because donkey milk is not only very beneficial for humans, but also plays a huge role in correcting the immune system of the body.

Quality of the Halari breed

This breed is found in Gujarat. Whose milk is considered a treasure of medicines. The donkey of the Halari breed has the ability to fight against diseases like cancer, obesity, allergies.

Children do not have allergies from donkey milk

Many times, small children get allergies from cow or buffalo milk, but there is never an allergen from the milk of the halari breed. Antioxidant, anti-aging elements are found in donkey milk. While fat in milk is nominal. The research work on donkey milk was started by Dr. NR Tripathi, former director of NRCE.

Price of 1 liter milk is Rs. 7000

High dairy work will start soon after breeding. The milk of donkey is sold in the market from 2000 to 7000 rupees per liter. Beauty products are also made from this, which are quite expensive. Soap, lip balm, body lotion are being prepared with donkey Milk.

Scientists from the Central Buffalo Research Center of NRCE Hisar and National Dairy Research Institute of Karnal are also being taken to start dairy.

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